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Our charity is working to make active lives possible with a vision that disabled people are active for life.

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Round the World Challenge - Cornwall

24 January
Penzance Lesiure Centre , St Clare, St Clare Street, Cornwall , TR18 3QW

Are you looking for something active, fun and social to do? Then MENCAP's Round the World Challenge (RTWC) could be for you.

RTWC launch event is happening on Thursday 24 January at the Penzance Leisure Centre, Cornwall. 

The RTWC is all about turning hours of fun sports and physical activities into a round the world adventure. It works by getting participants to track the amount of activity they do. The number of hours of activity completed is then used to calculate the distance travelled around the world.

If you take part you'll receive a postcard from a different location as the number of hours of activity you do takes you further around the world.

You can choose from three different routes:

  • UK route: 20 hours of activity
  • Europe route: 40 hours of activity
  • World route: 100 hours of activity

To find out more and to register to attend please contact Laura by phone: 07773 486717 or email

For more information on MENCAP please visit