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Effective Communication: Coaching Deaf People in Sport Launched

Sports coach UK is delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new workshop, Effective Communication: Coaching Deaf People in Sport. Developed in partnership with UK Deaf Sport and the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) – the interactive and practical workshop develops the communication skills a coach needs to enable deaf people to be fully included in sports and leisure activities.

It also helps all coaches develop their non-verbal communication skills so their day to day coaching sessions will improve.

The workshop includes information on:

  • the barriers facing participants
  • appropriate communication methods
  • how to support the needs of participants
  • the international pathway for competitors.

Organisations interested in running this workshop, and helping coaches meet the needs of deaf participants, should call the sports coach UK Workshop Booking Centre on 0845-601 3054 or visit for more information.

Stuart Harrison M.Ed, Vice Chair of UK Deaf Sport, and author of the workshop resource, explains why this is an essential part of a coach’s continuing professional development (CPD):

"The aim of UK Deaf Sport is to create a world leading system for deaf people to participate and succeed in sport. To do this, we need more deaf people participating and reaching their full potential. We approached sports coach UK to provide a world-class resource that will enable all sports coaches to play an effective role in the delivery of our new strategy. The new workshop is unique because it will be delivered by coaches who are deaf themselves and they will share with coaches their knowledge and expertise of how deaf and hearing people can work together effectively. Coaches will benefit from exploring their untapped non-verbal communication skills and how to apply these to their everyday coaching. As a result they will begin to see sport from a totally new perspective and become more sensitive to the needs of their players and performers."


Thomas Lyons, Sports and Leisure Officer at the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) welcomed the development of the workshop:

"The aim of the NDCS is to create a world without barriers for every deaf child, and for young people to be able to take part in sports activities just like any other child. We’re delighted at the opportunity to develop this workshop with sports coach UK. Young people are missing out because not all sports clubs are accessible. Deaf people have the same physical abilities as other children and can achieve anything other children can. Clubs and coaches can easily remove the barriers people face when participating in sport. For example, putting the right communication tools in place, such as ensuring you look at a deaf person while talking and using visual aids, like tactics boards, ensures deaf people can take part in sport just like anyone else. This workshop will mean coaches will have the communication skills needed to ensure this can happen."


sports coach UK development lead Sarah Cohen added:

"This workshop is a must for any sports organisations coach development programmes. It will equip their coaches with the communication skills needed to be more inclusive when delivering their sessions, crucially developing their confidence so they are in a position where they are able to support a deaf participant. An added benefit is that understanding the techniques around non-verbal communication will help improve their coaching sessions with all groups. We are very excited about it!"


Organisations who successfully piloted the workshop included England Squash and Racketball and StreetGames who were both delighted with the results.

Amanda Robinson,England Squash and Racketball’s Regional Manager for the South said: "I would absolutely recommend sports coach UK’s Effective Communication: Coaching Deaf People in Sport workshop - it was a very good course; practical and useful.  It up-skilled the coaches and gave them ideas that they could start using straight away; it really inspired them. We have lots more coaches that we’d like to attend this workshop."

Mark Oliver, StreetGames’ National Fieldwork Manager (Volunteering) echoed the sentiment, commenting: "This was a great workshop that helped the delegates improve their communication skills immensely. As a result of attending they are now much better equipped to meet the needs of deaf people, and therefore be more inclusive in their coaching.Organising this workshop is a step in the right direction in supporting the legacy of The London 2012 Paralympic Games, helping coaches increase participation in sport as a result."

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*Source: Action on Hearing Loss (formerly known as RNID)

**Source: National Deaf Children’s Society