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Head of PE praises Sainsbury's Inclusive PE training

Since January 2013, more than 10,000 teachers, school staff and trainee teachers have benefitted from attending a Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All Inclusive PE Training workshop. The Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All Inclusive PE Training is designed to improve the confidence, knowledge and skill of these teachers, enabling them to deliver high-quality PE for all young people across the UK.

Paul Lord delivering an Inclusive PE Training workshop

Paul Lord, Director of Sport and Head of PE at Westcroft School in Wolverhampton, has delivered over 30 Inclusive PE Training workshops across the Black Country, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Birmingham. Alongside teaching for over 30 years, Paul has been a tutor for the programme for three years and thoroughly enjoys his role delivering these workshops.

As we come to the end of the school year, we spoke to Paul about his experiences and what he enjoys most about delivering the Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All Inclusive PE Training.

Paul told the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS):

“I really enjoy delivering the Sainsbury’s Inclusive PE workshops. The most pleasing aspect is when delegates realise it isn't that difficult to ensure access and progress for all children and students.
“The practical sessions involving the STEP tool and the Inclusion Spectrum enhances the participant’s confidence and also makes them aware that it's ok not to know the 'next step' and to ask the children what they think it might be! I try to stress the importance of questioning and of teaching the children the STEP principle, so they too can lead on delivering inclusive activities.”

Paul went on to note the positive and enthusiastic feedback received from the training:

“Feedback from all the courses is very positive and staff comment on how it has improved their confidence and how they will use it the next day they are back in school. They enjoy the practical aspects the most but also comment on how it is useful to talk to the staff from other schools and share experiences, ideas and thoughts.
“I truly believe staff go back to schools and use the simple ideas and tools from the course to give children a high-quality, inclusive PE experience. When I talk to the staff at different courses and sporting events and they tell me of the positive effect it has had on their PE delivery.”

Paul added:

“I believe all staff involved in delivering and supporting PE and school sport should attend the Sainsbury’s Inclusive PE Training to get this basic knowledge. I also work with Wolverhampton University students and have seen them apply the principles in lessons they deliver. I believe all PE and sport students who are going to teach or coach should attend this course or have it provided as part of their training. This would have a massive impact on teaching and learning within their schools and coaching environments.”

If you are interested in booking your free place on an Inclusive PE Training workshop or want some further information about the Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All Inclusive PE Training Programme, please contact EFDS via email or call 01509 227751.