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ICT enables inclusive Scouting

The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) has partnered with The Scout Association to offer the Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training to Scout groups across the country. Read on to hear about the experiences of First Staindrop Scouts from Darlington and how they have benefitted from arranging a free bespoke workshop.

ICT Scouting 2

At the beginning of the year, EFDS delivered a pilot Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training workshop at Gilwell Park in London to test the relevance of the training for Scout leaders and volunteers.

The pilot workshop was extremely well received with attendees reporting a 77% increase in their confidence, knowledge and skills to include disabled people in group activities. One participant describing the training as:

“A fun and interactive training session that was really useful in getting us to think more about how everyone could be involved in activities.”

View a full summary of the participants’ feedback (PDF).

Following the success of the pilot workshop, the Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training was offered to The Scout Association network across England, with over 10 requests for the training already being received. One Scout group which took up the offer was the First Staindrop from Darlington, who had a workshop delivered to their leaders last month. They arranged the free bespoke training as they wanted support in making their programme inclusive and achievable for all young people.

Jacqui Nicholson who arranged the workshop told EFDS that she was attracted to the training as she liked the “it’s not about disability, it’s about ability” aspect of the programme.

The training benefitted the leaders who attended the workshop by making them think more about why some young people may not want to take part, and how they can tailor activities to ensure everyone is included and having fun.

After the workshop, Jacqui said:

“It made the whole group, even those with decades of scouting experience, focus on a Scout’s ability rather than their disability whilst delivering sport-based activities. It made us all realise that involving everyone in activities by taking away the importance of playing it right and reinventing the rules is very important. I will now think how the activity, equipment or the way of playing needs to be modified in order to allow everyone to participate. I would most definitely recommend the training to other Scout groups”

Jennifer Smith, Inclusion Officer at The Scouts Association, added:

“The Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training is not about saying to people what they have been doing is bad or wrong, but rather encouraging them to think in a slightly different way.”

Overall, The Scouts Association has found the Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training extremely positive and is continuing to roll out the training to more staff, leaders and volunteers across the organisation nationwide. With less than three months of the current programme remaining, don’t miss out on the opportunity for your Scout group to join the 8,500 people who have already benefitted from this unique training opportunity. Contact EFDS today to find out how you can arrange a free bespoke workshop for the leaders and volunteers at your Scout group.

For more information, to find out about workshops in your area or to arrange a bespoke workshop, please contact EFDS on / 01509 227751.