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Our charity is working to make active lives possible with a vision that disabled people are active for life.

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An Active Inclusive Capital: London Sport releases new framework

Launched on 24 August 2017, An Active Inclusive Capital sets out a strategic framework to support deaf and disabled Londoners to become as physically active as non-disabled people in the capital.

Dance class with instructor

The result of months of consultation with experts in sport and inclusion, An Active Inclusive Capital sets out a clear vision of a capital in which deaf and disabled people are supported to be as involved in physical activity and sport as non-disabled Londoners.

From participation to commissioning and administration, An Active Inclusive Capital takes a global view of the barriers and challenges that currently exist in supporting deaf and disabled Londoners to be involved in physical activity and sport, and proposes recommendations that - delivered effectively - will create a cultural shift and a change in attitudes throughout the sport sector and beyond.

London is home to 1.4 million deaf and disabled people, of whom 64.5% state that they would like to do more physical activity and sport.

Beginning with a platform of targeted activities to embed consideration of the needs of deaf and disabled Londoners into physical activity and sport commissioning, An Active Inclusive Capital proposes four strategic priority areas to better enable deaf and disabled Londoners to play a full part in the development of physical activity and sport:

  1. Establish deaf and disabled people as central to the development of physical activity and sport policies, programmes and delivery
  2. Build and maintain collaboration between organisations inside and outside of sport to reach more deaf and disabled people and inspire increased levels of physical activity
  3. Ensure organisations are supported and encouraged to create and deliver inclusive activities
  4. Develop a more representative, motivation and well-trained workforce

An Active Inclusive Capital has been significantly influenced by the outcomes of consultation with key stakeholders and partners involved in the disability, physical activity and sport, leisure, health, education and voluntary sectors, and with London Sport staff, board members and key funders.

Download London Sport's An Active Inclusive Capital here