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NDSOs release resource to support community members

The four physical impairment National Disability Sports Organisations (CP Sport, Dwarf Sports Association UK, LimbPower and WheelPower), have released a dedicated resource to inform community members about impairment specific resources. 

Young woman with dwarfism and hearing impairment playing basketball

The resource aims to support NDSO community members to engage in physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The traditional, online and video resources support National Disability Sport Organisations' (NDSOs) efforts to reach out to inactive disabled people offering engagement, advice and guidance tailored to their needs as a physically impaired disabled person. 

NDSO face-to-face delivery programmes have been postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have individually and collectively looked at delivery methods to reach and support disabled people in their homes though physical activity, sports specific and social resources. These include online classes, live exercise sessions, pre-recorded exercise sessions, virtual challenges, online chats and Q & A Zoom calls.

Many physically disabled people may require more support right now as many NDSO community members are shielding or self-isolating, and have been for a considerable time. It is more important than ever to keep communities fit and healthy. These traditional, online and video resources are a vital lifeline to support CP Sport, Dwarf Sports Association UK, LimbPower and WheelPower's community members who are shielding or self-isolating and still want to exercise safely.

The National Disability Sports Organisations (NDSOs) are a good starting point for many disabled people who want to be more active. NDSOs provide engagement advice, support and opportunities for people of all ages with specific impairments.

Find out more on the NDSOs’ websites. 

NDSO community members resource for exercise, health and wellbeing