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Our charity is working to make active lives possible with a vision that disabled people are active for life.

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Girl enjoying riding a horse. Credit RDA.

It is also important to note a safe environment. It is one where the possibility of abuse is openly acknowledged; employees and volunteers are vetted and trained. Also, those who report concerns are confident that these will be treated seriously and confidentially.

If you have a query or concern around a safeguarding issue, please contact Jannine Walker, our Lead Safeguarding Officer on 0161 200 5445

As part of our commitment, Activity Alliance developed policies, procedures and guidelines to provide additional information detailing support. It also discusses expectations for those involved, what they should do if they have a safeguarding concern and how any concerns will be managed. This is in line with Government expectations, the Law, Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) Local Safeguarding Adults Board (LSAB) requirements.

The guidance is set out in the following sections.

Section 1: Policies

EFDS Missing Participants Policy

EFDS Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy

EFDS Safeguarding Anti Bullying Policy

EFDS Safeguarding Children and Young Person Policy

EFDS Safeguarding E Safety Policy

EFDS Safeguarding Photographic Policy

EFDS Safeguarding Policy Statement

EFDS Safeguarding Whistleblowing policy

Section 2: Promoting good practice

EFDS Risk Assessment Form Template

EFDS Safeguarding Event Welfare Plan Final

EFDS Safeguarding Incident Report Form

EFDS Safeguarding Parental Consent Transporting Children and Young People

EFDS Staff and Volunteer Code of conduct

EFDS voluntary and professional employment self declaration form U18

EFDS voluntary and professional employment self declaration form

Section 3: Recognising and responding to a concern and reporting procedures

EFDS Responding to an E Safety Concerns

EFDS Responding to Safeguarding Concerns about staff and volunteers

EFDS Responding to Safeguarding Concerns outside of EFDS

EFDS Safeguarding Complaints procedure

We are continually looking to improve our procedures and make our documents as "user friendly" as possible. If you have any comments, please contact the events team.