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Our charity is working to make active lives possible with a vision that disabled people are active for life.

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'Delivering an Excellent Service for Disabled Customers'. Staff training and workforce development is extremely valuable in becoming an inclusive facility. If staff attitude and organisational culture is not inclusive then this can prevent many people from using or getting much further than the facility's front door.

As a result, many organisations are missing out on the numerous benefits that disabled customers can offer as a large proportion of our population.

Staff training created through our Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) programme supports more organisations to reap the rewards of satisfied disabled customers and make active lives possible.

This e-learning course explores inclusive customer service, perceptions of disability, effective communication, legislation and much more. Completing the course can help to ensure everyone plays their part in creating a welcoming environment for disabled people.

There are many IFI Mark accredited facilities and although the training is essential for the staff at these sites, any businesses and individual can register for the course. This includes all front of house leisure centre staff e.g. gym staff, supervisors, facility staff, receptionists, caterers, cleaning staff and management.

The cost can be as little as at £6 +VAT per trainee.

To purchase/access the course please click here 'Delivering an Excellent Service for Disabled Customers'.

For more information email the IFI team or phone 01509 227750.

Training costs (+VAT) are as follows:

Bookings for 1-19 people = £10 per person + VAT

20 – 49 people @20% discount = £8 per person +VAT

50 – 99 people @30% discount = £7 per person +VAT

100 people or over @ 40% discount = £6 per person +VAT

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Contact our IFI team to find out more.