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Our charity is working to make active lives possible with a vision that disabled people are active for life.

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Cambridge Target Shooting Association look to inspire future generations

Over the last few years the Cambridge Target Shooting Association (CTSA) have been actively involved in increasing the participation of disabled people in the sport. Target Shooting is a sport for all and to improve this offer to disabled and non-disabled people, CTSA plan to open a new training centre.  

The new training centre will be part of the Inspire Peterborough project.  Its vision is to increase the choice of disability sports and to invigorate and inspire disabled people to have better life outcomes through sport, physical activity and volunteering. 

Matt Skelhon, a member of CTSA commented on the project prior to his successful London Paralympics:

“The possibility of an indoor range at Norman Cross for me is great, both for 50m and for 10m if this is possible as well. At the moment I train at Whittlesey on paper targets for 10m air rifle the chance of being able to train possibly on electronic targets for both 50 and 10m just a 5 minute drive from my house would be incredible. The use of a 50m indoor range is essential although our shooting is mostly done outdoors; indoors you have the opportunity to train your technique without the problems of wind and light variation, also the comfort of not freezing in the winter months. With the range at Norman cross already being wheelchair friendly for me to use with ease the addition of the new indoor range will mean I won’t have to travel as much to train. It also means there are top class facilities for other disabled shooters in the area which are sometimes hard to come by anywhere in the country.”


The plans are ambitious and achievable, for the technically minded a 10 lane 50m range for .22 rim-fire shooting and a separate 10m air range for air rifle and air pistol. The 50m range could also be used for short mat bowling or archery.  

CTSA believe that to bring target shooting sport up to a similar competitive level to that of our competitors abroad. This facility is very much needed, not only for our aspiring athletes of today but for those that are up and coming to become our medal winners of the future.

CTSA envisage that the new facility will be used by as many people as possible from local shooting clubs, individual members of their association, disability support groups along with county, regional and national training camps.

To find out further information the project or how you can support please contact:

Mrs Sandra Haskett (Secretary) or Dr Dave Holah (Vice-Chairman),