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The national charity and leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity

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We want to be a safe, welcoming, considerate, and responsible workplace. We value diversity as a strength, and we are better with greater equality and inclusion. Our ambitious vision for fairness is embedded in our governance, values, and staff development. The people who we work for and with make us a reputable organisation to know and trust. Nobody should miss opportunities or feel they do not belong at Activity Alliance. 

I am proud to support the Activity Alliance and their impactful work. As Vice President, I have observed first-hand the outstanding work of the organisation's officers and volunteers and the tangible influence of our events, research and coalition-building on the wellbeing of disabled people. 
When we recognise colleagues and participants as complex, diverse human beings with rich lives at work and beyond, we all benefit. Activity Alliance’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion highlights not only the charity’s ambitions but also the duty of care to support and encourage everyone to feel welcome, on and off the field of play.
This perspective is not a set of platitudes for us; we recognise the life-altering implications for the constituents we serve of being seen as ‘less-than’ in work, play and policy.

John Amaechi OBE, Vice President

Our ambitions

Our equality, diversity and inclusion ambitions below outline our current commitments. These will focus on:

  1. Improving our staff and board diversity, representation, and opportunities at all levels.
  2. Increasing our staff and board’s awareness of equality, inclusion, and diversity.
  3. Embedding better recording, measuring, and reporting of equal opportunities’ data.
  4. Empowering other leaders and providers in sport and activity organisations by sharing our lived experiences, learning and insight.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.