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The national charity and leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity

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Get Active

There are many ways for everyone to enjoy an active lifestyle. Are you disabled or are you supporting disabled friends, family or clients to find new ways to be active? Getting fit can help improve certain physical functions to help with daily life, reduce the chance of obesity and provide general health and mental wellbeing. Whatever level of physical ability, there are options that are right for everyone.

Having an active lifestyle can have many advantages. Regular physical exercise provides social benefits and mental health improvements, including:

  • Increased independence
  • A reduction in stress
  • A boost in self esteem
  • Enhanced co-ordination
  • Better strengthened balance

If you are an organisation or professional looking for more advice, Activity Alliance's resources are a good place to start. We can help you engage disabled people and people with long-term health conditions, inclusively and accessibly.

Working out credit EFDS

How to start

Find out more about being active, who to ask and ideas on where to start.

At home

We have compiled a list of exercise advice, workouts, videos and activity guides to support disabled people to move more at home or nearby.

Connor playing Judo

"Judo has helped a lot with me and my social life. Everyone is on the same level, no-one is excluded. You are just a person who can do judo, just like anyone else.

Connah Anders
Jenny working out at the Portway Lifestyle Centre

"Coming to Portway has changed my life. I am much healthier and don’t need to inject insulin anymore. I love all the classes and Erica helps me on the machines – it’s great.

Jenny at the Portway Lifestyle Centre