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Paralympic Legacy Survey (September 2012)

Published by Activity Alliance
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The survey was designed to capture the impact of the Olympic and ParalympicGameson opinions and perceptions of disabled people in sport.In addition, we measured the level of awareness and people’s perceptionsof a small scale promotional campaign conducted by EFDS during the Paralympic Games.

The results from our survey suggest the Paralympic Games had a positive impact on people’s awareness, perceptions and attitudes of disabled people in sport. This was particularly evident among non-disabled people.Although it wassmallscale, the EFDS ‘Pass the Baton’ campaign successfully built upon the mood created by the Paralympics to help raise awareness further.

Report findings based on a market research conducted in September 2012 by the English Federation of Disability Sport.

While great efforts were made to ensure the survey was completed from a representative sample, the survey was primarily distributed through social media promotion. This may bias results due to a greater proportion of sports and disabled people in sport who completed the survey.