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Octane Fitness become accredited equipment supplier

The IFI have over 100 accredited items of cardiovascular and resistance based fitness equipment which meet design standards to be fully inclusive and provide a full body workout for both disabled and non disabled users.  We continue to work proactively with our IFI Associates and other equipment suppliers, with a total of 16 different manufacturers now having products recognised as being accessible and inclusive – (see EFDS equipment for full details.)

Octane Fitness, a company who uniquely supply elliptical cross trainers have become the latest fitness equipment manufacturer to receive the IFI Accredited Equipment – Stage 2 status for their xR6000 IFI Seated Cross Trainer.  Octane Fitness’ idea was to take an already mainstream and versatile machine that catered for so many, then to enhance it further. Along with the Pro3700 IFI Standing Elliptical, this is the second piece of total body CV equipment for which Octane Fitness have received accreditation.

The xR6000 IFI offers options of a total-body, lower-body only or an upper-body only workout.  The motion of the ellipse action allows for the machine to operate a full cycle with only one leg in contact with a pedal or just one arm to push or pull, plus there are several extra features that optimize safety, accessibility and ease of use for disabled users. Other adaptations include an additional strap to help users maintain contact with the foot pedals and colour contrasted handles, pedals and a tactile console to provide independent control for visually impaired users. As the user is seated, it caters very well for users with various impairments, or injuries, or for older users, de-conditioned, rehabilitation and many more. Do not underestimate it though, as even the fittest users will find it challenging!

Neil Campbell, General Manager of Octane Fitness UK Ltd, says

“For me, there seems to be benefits to all by working towards IFI accreditation. We already produced the first ever IFI Stage 2 elliptical with our Pro 3700 IFI elliptical x-trainer. We believe the xR6000 IFI will allow for a greater range of people to use our machines. We also know that more sites will see the benefit of our Octane Fitness offering, so add these machines to their gyms!”

These product changes were made by Neil working in conjunction with his US Octane Fitness colleagues and with the equipment team at the IFI. “We hope you like the end result!” Neil added.

The IFI have also recently been contacted by a new fitness equipment manufacturer who have booked an inspection visit in June for us to look at 2 of their new products.  So hopefully we can add to our total pieces of accredited equipment and continue to increase the number of inclusive products commercially available to you. 

If you are looking to buy equipment, take a look at all of the accredited products from all 16 manufacturers on our new website. You can now search more easily for products supplier brand or equipment type in EFDS inclusive equipment