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20 things we love about being active

This week, the English Federation of Disability Sport hit a huge milestone - 20,000 followers on our @Eng_Dis_Sport Twitter account.

To celebrate, we asked our followers to tell us the 20 things they enjoyed most about being active. You can see contributions from our community in Storify, or read our summary of reasons below.

Woman happy in a canoe

20 reasons to be active:

  1. "Because it makes me feel healthy and confident!" - Jordanne Whiley MBE (@jordannejoyce92)
  2. "The great people you get to meet through sport" - Susie Rodgers MBE (@Susie_Rodgers)
  3. "Walking with my dog makes me happy and she's really good at making people smile" - kat (@tabbikatt)
  4. "Cycling on cycle paths with my autistic son gets us both out and about and helps his fitness and social skills" - kat (@tabbikatt)
  5. "After having a kidney transplant, sport helps me keep active and healthy and promotes the organ donation message to others!" - Matt Lynch (@mattlynch29)
  6. "Each day being a little bit better than yesterday!" - British Blind Sport (@BritBlindSport)
  7. "I love toning & strengthening my core and getting that definition in my stomach! Sense of achievement" - Samantha Renke (@samrenke)
  8. "Playing Wheelchair Tennis reminds me that the competitive, passionate, athlete never left. I've still the heart & soul of a winner." - Emma Potkins (@toptotti)
  9. "I love getting out and about! Whether that's walking with my guide dogs, gym training or zooming down a hill skiing" - John Dickinson-Lilley (@JDLskier)
  10. "Helps keep my disability at bay, an ongoing battle but will continue to fight it." - Wolf Simpson @2_wheeled_wolf)
  11. "Helps to manage stress!" - Chantel Scherer (@ChantelScherer)
  12. "I love being active because you can push the boundaries of possibilities every day. By doing what you do you encourage others too." - Mark Pattenden (@disco2man)
  13. "I love how amazing I feel after completing a run! Whether it's 3 miles or 6 miles I'm one very happy lady" - Nikki Hambridge (@NikkiL_86)
  14. "I love being active as it gives me a chance to explore the world while playing golf" - Steven Cafferty (@DeafGolfer)
  15. "It helps build your confidence & feel strong" - Lisa Hartley (@lisahartley11)
  16. "I love being active and having a go at different things that people said I wouldn't be able to do!" - Maddy Hopson (@MaddyHopson1997)
  17. "Sport for me and @LibbyClegg is life!" - Ability Training (@Ability_UK)
  18. "Spending time with family, fresh air & the Suffolk countryside" - Mark Bullock (@mark___bullock)
  19. "I love being active with others at @SLTGetActive. Supporting, inspiring, working & laughing together....its more fun that way!" - Wendy Hall (@Hall100Wendy)
  20. "It improves my pain, makes me happy, makes friends and helps control my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome @ehlersdanlosuk" - Anoushé Husain (@AnousheHusain)

There are countless reasons to keep active - it's impossible to narrow it down to just 20. Here are five more extra to finish with!

  • "The fun factor and freedom to express yourself in a sport you enjoy. Socialising with like minded people too" - Diabetes Football (@TDFCdiabetes)
  • "Trying different sports" - Mark Bullock (@mark___bullock)
  • "Taking part in physical activity & sport with family & friends" - Mark Bullock (@mark___bullock)
  • "I love the freedom and feeling of complete escape when running" - Sam Smith (@sammmiesmith)
  • "It's fun!" - Energise Coaches (@EnergiseCoaches)

We would also like to say a big thank you to all our followers for supporting our goal to ensure active lives for all. Thanks for sharing our messages, and please continue to get in touch with us on social media to let us know about your own stories, work and achievements.

You can find us on Twitter and Facebook.