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Get Out Get Active launches new campaign The GOGA Way

Today Get Out Get Active (GOGA) are launching a campaign to celebrate the success of the programme. Showing how GOGA can help organisations do things differently to engage inactive disabled and non-disabled people in activity together. #TheGOGAWay campaign will show the programme in all its glory and encourage more people to get involved.

GOGA Lincolnshire activity

Get Out Get Active (GOGA) began in 2016 and is a programme created to bring disabled and non-disabled people together to be active. It looks to engage the least active communities in fun and inclusive ways.

Made possible by founding funder Spirit of 2012 and additional investment from Sport England and London Marathon Charitable Trust, GOGA continues to be focused on getting some of the UK's least active people moving through fun and inclusive activities.

GOGA is more than just a programme. It has become an approach, a way of making activities a place where disabled and non-disabled people can come together to be active. GOGA has influenced and encouraged organisations across the UK to do things differently when it comes to physical activity.

Since 2016, GOGA has supported over 40,000 disabled and non-disabled people to be active using over 3,000 different activities and interventions. Throughout the programme 35 localities across the UK have tried and tested different activities to encourage those least active in the community to become active.  

Throughout the campaign we will showcase some of the most creative and innovative ways our partners continue to engage participants in physical activity. From delivering equipment to individuals at home, to Superhero workout sessions, and even calling participants for a supportive chat. Whether digital or face-to-face they’ve got it covered.

In Amber Valley, our GOGA team partnered with Beat the Street in Heanor for a four-week giant interactive games for all. Beat the Street aims to connect people to each other and their environment by encouraging participants to get to walk, wheel, cycle or run to different check points within the community.

 Kelly, Beat the Street participan, said:

Normally I’m not a morning person but found myself setting my alarm clock for 6am to get out early and ‘Beat the Street’. I’d then venture out again during my lunch hour and after dinner. Doing this allowed me to meet many new faces and make friendships with many people. The competition has been a great conversation starter.

In Tayside, Scotland, GOGA has found weekly online activity sessions are helping to keep people moving. The activities are adapted for all levels and abilities and delivered by experienced and qualified instructors. Participants are welcome to turn their cameras off if it makes them feel more comfortable. The GOGA Activity Coordinators also encourage participants to stay online after each session to enjoy a cup of tea of coffee and chat.

Online GOGA participant in Tayside said: 

Physical classes can be very daunting to attend on your own, the virtual class allows people to keep their camera off until they have the confidence to turn it on. Going home to a virtual class has given me something to do in the evenings.

Kat Southwell, Head of Programmes at Activity Alliance, said:

The person-centred approach of GOGA has supported many organisations to reach out into the community, listen, and create genuinely inclusive co-produced activities. From the start, our funders have supported us to focus on outcomes over outputs. Our approach gives organisations the space to fail, to try something new, and to not be afraid if it doesn’t work well. The GOGA approach teaches us to adapt, listen, and learn.

The GOGA Way campaign will show some of the initiatives and innovations our GOGA partners, deliverers, and volunteers, are using to reach some of the most inactive audiences across the UK.

Join the campaign by sharing your experiences of GOGA and inclusive activity in your area using the hashtag #TheGOGAWay. 

If you would like to find out more or if your organisation would like to get involved and you have a great idea for the campaign, please email

Visit the Get Out Get Active website to find out how to get involved in the programme and our learning so far.