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The national charity and leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity

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People’s Partnership incredibly proud to sponsor NJAC

Patrick Heath-Lay is Chief Executive Officer of People’s Partnership - provider of The People’s Pension. Here he writes ahead of the National Junior Athletics Championships, the event that they are supporting. 

A headshot of Patrick Heath-Lay the CEO of People's Partnership.

Is there a more unifying force than sport?

History books are full of examples of how conflicts and disagreements have been set aside for a game of football or cricket. Sport is the ultimate leveller, meaning that it’s essential that everybody, regardless of their ability or background, can participate in their chosen game or event.

That’s why it’s so important that we have organisations such as Activity Alliance, a fantastic charity which pushes for inclusion to be at the heart of all plans in sport and activity and for disabled people to be prioritised, locally and nationally.

The charity’s main annual event, the National Junior Athletics Championships, which will be held in Coventry this weekend (1-2 July) is the embodiment of the organisation’s mission statement and, for decades now, has enabled young disabled people to compete on a national stage.

The joy and opportunity that this wonderful event has brought to thousands of competitors, not to mention their families, over the years, has been clear for all to see and was one of the reasons why at People’s Partnership we are delighted to be the principal sponsor of this year’s championships.

Founded for social good during the Second World War, People’s Partnership was set up to support transient construction workers that had little protection or benefits to help them lead financially stronger lives. Fast-forward more than eighty years, and we now provide The People’s Pension to 1 in 5 workers - more than 6 million people - across the UK. Although the world is now very different, our approach, values, and priorities remain the same.

There is a clear alignment between our purpose-driven organisation that always puts people first and the valuable work that Activity Alliance has been doing for years. We hope our involvement will ensure that this year’s event is a success and strengthen the legacy of the games, enabling future generations to participate.

As a profit-for-people organisation, People’s Partnership promotes diversity and inclusion and strives to contribute positively to society. Witnessing the fantastic work of Activity Alliance up close over the past few months makes us incredibly proud to be sponsoring the National Junior Athletics Championships 2023.

Keep up-to-date with all the action from the Championships on social media, follow @AllForActivity on Twitter and join the conversation using the hashtag #JuniorAthletics23.  

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