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Celebrating selfless three million who make sport and activity happen

This UK Coaching Week, we are praising the commitment of the volunteer and paid coaching workforce who deliver sport and physical activity across the UK for taking a holistic, people first approach to coaching.

A image of a young boy 'high-fiving' his coach. There is a basketball court in the background. The text over the image says 'Take a moment, say #ThanksCoach!

UK Coaching Week, taking place from 29 April to 5 May, kicks of an exciting year of sport including the Olympics and Paralympics in Paris later this year.

This week UK Coaching are asking people to come together to say ‘thank you’ to those fantastic coaches who continue to make a profound positive difference to the lives of individuals and their local communities.

For this year’s celebration, UK Coaching is encouraging even more coaches to take a holistic approach to their coaching, treating everyone as individuals with unique needs, strengths, and motivations. Holistic coaching goes beyond sporting experience, including building life skills and shaping individuals into well-rounded, confident, and resilient people, both in and out of sport.

As coaches are rightly celebrated, UK Coaching is calling for more to be done to support coaches and help them manage the increasing responsibilities of community coaching and pressures of high performance. After all, coaches are people too.

The sector is working closer together to empower coaches to continue their learning and development, with the goal of integrating holistic coaching practices into all sport and physical activity with the inclusion of life skills like teamwork, leadership, and decision-making. This continues UK Coaching’s ‘Duty to Care’ campaign – to ensure that the care system in sport and physical activity is designed to support everyone.

During UK Coaching Week, participants, coaches and the general public are being encouraged to share a special thank you to coaches who have made a positive difference, using #ThanksCoach and #UKCoachingWeek to unite the community in support of those who give so much to make sport and physical activity happen.

Reflecting on the need to do more to celebrate great coaching, Mark Gannon, UK Coaching CEO, said:

“We are excited to be celebrating UK Coaching Week earlier this year for 2024 – giving coaches the proper thanks and recognition they deserve cannot come soon enough. The needs and workload of coaches are too often an afterthought in a system that needs to do more to see coaches as people too.
“This year is all about celebrating those taking a more holistic approach in their coaching. We know that great coaching can change lives, and as coaches continue to deliver an incredibly positive impact across communities, often beyond sport and physical activity, we want to bring everyone together to express our heartfelt appreciation.
“Coaches show unwavering dedication to not only give their participants the edge they need to perform at their best, but also in nurturing individuals so they can develop and thrive in all aspects of their lives. As the leading voice of coaches across the UK, it is our responsibility to advocate for positive and welcoming environments within all forms of sport and physical activity delivery. But coaches can’t continue to deliver for sporting communities if we don’t build in equal support for those supporting others, the coaches.”

UK Coaching Week 2024 is all about empowering coaches to embrace the value of enriching life skills through sport and physical activity. Coaches already do so much amazing work, with a selflessness that means they often don’t get the thanks or recognition they deserve. To all those out there who give their time to help deliver sport and physical activity across the nation and support their participants through good times and tough times – thanks Coach.

To find out how you can get behind UK Coaching Week visit the UK Coaching website