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The national charity and leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity

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Sense launches 'empowering' new workshop

National disability charity Sense have launched a ‘Complex Disabilities in Sport’ workshop to provide more active opportunities for people living with complex disabilities.

Two women, Tracey and Hazel, and a man, James, stand arm-in-arm at an indoor ski centre. They’re wearing thick coats and helmets and are smiling to camera.

Sense is dedicated to empowering people with complex disabilities to lead active and healthy lives. The charity supports children, young people and adults in their home and in the community, in their education and transition to adulthood and through its holidays, arts, sports and wellbeing programmes. 

Hazel's story

Hazel, who is blind and living with complex disabilities, absolutely loves skiing and the feeling of a 'sensory explosion' With the right support, Sense Active and Disability Snowsport UK have provided an opportunity for Hazel to build confidence in her own abilities and connect with people.

The joy on Hazel’s face, the giggles on the last run, it proves that snow sports can be accessible for all.

Tracey, who supports Hazel at Sense, said:

“Just because she can’t see it, doesn’t mean she can’t feel it. Skiing and things like this are good for Hazel, she’s blind and lives with complex disabilities, she can sometimes feel a bit isolated from everybody else. There’s nothing worse than feeling left out.
By taking part in the snow sports activities, it has given Hazel the confidence that she can take into other aspects of her life.”

Watch Hazel’s full story here.

Learn how to provide meaningful activities for people with complex disabilities

The three-hour ‘Complex Disabilities in Sport’ workshop is aimed at those who want to play a part supporting people with complex disabilities to be active. The workshop includes practical and theory-based guidance on how to:

  1. Develop a meaningful approach to making sport accessible.
  2. Achieve effective communication and engagement with your participants.
  3. Prepare, deliver and evaluate inclusive sport activities.

Callan Barber, Active Lifestyles Workforce Manager at Sense, said:

“It is crucial that we empower sports coaches and instructors, regardless of the sport or activity, helping them gain the tools they need to create life-changing experiences for people like Hazel.
Our new workshop will leave providers feeling confident and motivated to plan and deliver person-centred opportunities to everyone with complex disabilities.”

For more information, visit Sense or email

 Photo credit: Cameron Ross Hall / Holmlands