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The national charity and leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity

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Improvement, development and leadership

We provide expertise and resources for improvement, leadership and organisational development. Our work can strengthen organisations' and people's skills so they feel more capable and confident in engaging disabled people. Our ongoing collaboration with many partners will change the reality of disability, inclusion and sport.

Leading Inclusion Workshop

Improving your organisation for disabled people  

Sport and activity play an important role in our nation's health and wellbeing, yet disabled people are almost twice as likely as non-disabled people to be physically inactive. To achieve fairness for disabled people in sport and activity, we need organisations to prioritise disabled people's inclusion at all levels. 

Activity Alliance’s Leading Inclusion Workshop has been created to support your organisation in becoming truly excellent for disabled people. It helps organisations provide better services, experiences and activities for everyone. 

What is the workshop format?  

The workshop is a two-day programme that takes organisations on an improvement journey focussed on disability inclusion and equality. It supports organisations to learn and embrace the ways they can be more inclusive and accessible for disabled people.  

During the workshop, our expert Activity Alliance team will engage and assist your organisation to self-review its current practices and identify opportunities for improvement. Designed to be solution-focused and provide ongoing support, we will then assist you to create an effective improvement plan that will have a significant impact across your organisation in the short and long term. 

The workshop programme is divided into five pillars for self-assessment and improvement planning. These are: 

  • Leadership 
  • Culture 
  • Communication 
  • Disabled people’s experience 
  • People

The Leading Inclusion Workshop has been designed to complement and support organisations going through the Moving to Inclusion Framework as well as those that are not. Organisations can choose specific pillars to focus on in depth if they wish. Alternatively, they can complete the Leading Inclusion Workshop as a standalone training option for your organisation.  

Your organisation will also have access to an online workshop dashboard with real-time progress updates and access to useful resources. This allows and empowers your whole organisation to input into the training and improvement plan. 

How can my organisation take part?   

There are two ways to take part in the workshop, both of which include expert support from Activity Alliance advisors and access to resources.  

Option 1: Stand-alone facilitated training workshop 

  • Facilitated by Activity Alliance advisors who will provide dedicated support throughout.
  • Undertake a self-review across all five programme pillars or choose specific themes.   
  • Engages your full team of employees. 
  • Access better practice examples and resources.  
  • Develop a bespoke improvement plan for your organisation.  

Option 2: Workshop to support your Moving to Inclusion Framework 

  • Bespoke support from Activity Alliance advisors on disability inclusion to support the Moving to Inclusion Framework process.
  • Review all five programme pillars or choose specific themes to focus on in depth.
  • Engages your full team of employees. 
  • Access better practice examples and resources.  

If you're interested in booking the workshop or to learn more about it, contact Activity Alliance's partnerships team by emailing or calling 0808 175 6991.