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The national charity and leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity

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Activity Alliance plays key role in UK Coaching's Duty To Care Hub

"The chances are, you’ve experienced great coaching. Think about what that did for you, and how you carry that forward."

These are the words of Adam Blaze, Activity Alliance CEO, as he introduces the Inclusion pillar of UK Coaching’s Duty to Care Hub.

Three men run on an athletics track with the words Meet the Needs of All Your Participants.

Activity Alliance is an official partner of UK Coaching Week. This year, coaches are being encouraged to learn about the importance of Duty to Care. The newly enhanced Duty to Care Hub and digital badge have been released to ensure that coaches have up-to-date resources and support.

The resources in the hub highlight the importance of coaches having a detailed knowledge and understanding of the six pillars that are fundamental to delivering great coaching experiences. These are Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Safeguarding and Safe to Practice.

Activity Alliance worked closely with UK Coaching to develop the Inclusion pillar for the new Duty to Care Hub. Today, 7 June, UK Coaching is shining a spotlight on inclusive delivery. As the leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity, we spend every day working to create a fairer society for everyone. A place where everyone can be active however and wherever they want to be.

All coaches that enrol onto the inclusion pillar will hear from our CEO, Adam Blaze, explaining why inclusion is the foundation of great coaching.

In his opening remarks Adam encourages participants to:

"Take a step back, and think about what good coaching is to you. It wouldn’t ever involve excluding someone, would it?
"That’s why inclusive delivery is so important. People want to take part in physical activity and sport for many of the same reasons and motivations. But not everyone has the opportunity to do so."

Activity Alliance has produced many resources when it comes to aiding volunteers and coaches. These include the Inclusive Activity Programme, a training opportunity which will upskill you, your employees, and volunteers on how to make activities fun and inclusive for disabled people and people with long-term health conditions. Our Incluson 2024 Inclusive PE hub and Inclusive PE Activity Cards provide teachers and school coaches with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to plan and deliver inclusive and accessible PE sessions.

Our work with UK Coaching to help enhance the Duty to Care Hub is a vital step in ensuring that coaches are given the opportunity to develop. Duty to Care also has an integral role to play in improving people’s mental health and well-being and can be a key tool for solving deep-rooted social issues.

As Adam adds:

"At Activity Alliance we talk about the fairness gap. Disabled people participate in sport and activity less than non-disabled people. They are twice as likely to be inactive. Opportunities to take part or be involved in sport and physical activity are way behind where non-disabled peers, family and friends may be. Data also shows women, those from lower socio-economic groups and Black and Asian people are also less active.
"That simply should not be the case. As an organisation we work tirelessly to close that gap. One huge step to overcoming this, is through truly inclusive delivery."

Inclusive delivery involves tailoring delivery to a wide range of audiences and how you engage and empower people to keep them involved.

To find out more and enrol on the Duty to Care Inclusion pillar, visit UK Coaching’s website.

Photo credit: UK Coaching.