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The national charity and leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity

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Activity Alliance tender: Maximising the reach of inclusive training

At Activity Alliance, we believe nobody should feel excluded from sport or physical activity.  As the leading voice of disabled people in sport and activity, we exist to close the gap between disabled people’s inactivity levels and that of non-disabled people.  

Woman taking part in activity during theInclusive Activity Programme practical workshop.

Activity Alliance provides inclusive activity training to organisations and people working in sport and leisure, community, and education settings. One of our key training programmes is called the Inclusive Activity Programme (IAP).  

We want to maximise the visibility of the Inclusive Activity Programme across local community organisations to increase workshop bookings and people trained through the programme. We are looking to work with an agency or freelance consultant to help us with this new venture.  

Activity Alliance has a range of other products and learning offers, so we hope this project will provide us with more awareness and a clear approach for promoting other services. Overall, we want to better understand gaps in the market and opportunities to promote our products to sell our services and raise our profile including through our programmes.    

Programme background  

The Inclusive Activity Programme (IAP) is a low-cost development opportunity which increases knowledge and confidence to deliver fun and inclusive activities for everyone. It is ideal for the sport and leisure sector, community groups and organisations, disability organisations, and individuals supporting disabled people and people with long-term health conditions. This could be coaches, volunteers, teachers, youth group leaders, physiotherapists and support workers of all ages and experience.   

Project aims

  • Increase visibility of IAP across the community sector; resulting in increased workshop bookings and completed eLearning courses  
  • Develop an understanding of how to best advertise and market IAP  
  • Understand how to use learning from this project to maximise the reach of other products, services and programmes   

This is a new approach for Activity Alliance, and we are open to new or creative thinking. The successful proposal will consider how they can upskill Activity Alliance as part of the process.   

Project outputs  

We are not set on specific project outputs and encourage creative thinking for the most appropriate solutions. We are aware that accessible marketing assets may need to be produced as part of this process and welcome ideas for what these would be. Any costs for these should be made clear within the budget breakdown.  

We would expect the successful agency/expert to:  

  • Share their marketing communications plan for the project  
  • Provide regular updates (written and/or via online meetings) on progress and impact  
  • Provide a summary at the end of the project outlining success, challenges, considerations and impact.   
  • Place digital advertising or advise on placement costings.    


The Inclusive Activity Programme is intended for anyone who delivers, or has the potential to deliver, sport and physical activity to disabled people. For this project, we want to focus on the community sector element of IAP. By ‘community sector’ we mean a broad audience and includes groups such as housing associations, youth groups and holiday clubs, faith centres and disability groups. These activities are usually delivered in what may be considered a ‘non-traditional’ sports club e.g. faith centre, community hall.   


£15k inclusive VAT and any accessible marketing materials needing production. This includes but is not limited to advertisement placement costs, digital advertising banners, social media assets.   


Please email your proposals by 9am Thursday 14 March 2024.   

Please email your proposals to:   

The proposal should include:    

  • Demonstration of previous experience including relevant examples. Examples of inclusive and accessible marketing communications are welcomed.  
  • A project timeline and overview of the approach you will take.    
  • An overview of your marketing plan for the project  
  • A cost breakdown for all work including any materials which need to be produced.    
  • References or testimonials from current or past clients.   
  • Your requirements/expectations of Activity Alliance.  
  • Possible outcomes in your proposal.  
  • Suggestions of how to evaluate the project.  


Proposal deadline: 9am Thursday 14 March 2024  

Shortlisting meetings: w/c Monday 18 March 2024.   

Project awarded: w/c 18 March 2024.   

Project to begin: Monday 25 March 2024.   

Project completion: Tuesday 30 April 2024.   

For more information or if you have any questions, please email Emma or Stacey / or call 07792459803 / 07966 979748.