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The national charity and leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity

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Who says? campaign slant logoCampaign teaser film – audio description 

This short film shows young disabled people being active in different sporty settings, while other disabled and non-disabled children and adults react to interview questions. This film features audio description and subtitles. 

Watch Who says? campaign phase two teaser audio description film 

Campaign information – British Sign Language   

This film features the main campaign information translated into British Sign Language. The film also has subtitles and an audio voiceover. 

Who says? campaign phase two British Sign Language film

Who says? phase two media transcripts 

Four short films feature in phase two of the Who says? campaign, plus a campaign teasrer film. For each film we have created a media transcript. It provides a running text description of the visual information, scene changes, actions, expressions, and spoken dialogue. 

Download the media transcript for each film below: 
Transcript - Who says campaign phase two teaser film 
Transcript - Young disabled people should sit out of PE lessons 
Transcript - Disabled people can't be leaders 
Transcript - Disabled children can't grow up to be active adults 
Transcript - Families can't be active together 

Campaign information – Easy read format

We have also provided the key campaign information in easy read format. Easy read uses pictures to support the meaning of text and gives essential details without a lot of background information. 

Download who says? campaign phase two easy read information (PDF)

If you require further support to access information about the Who says? campaign, please email or call 0161 200 5443.

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