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The national charity and leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity

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Who says in an orange box graphicCampaign teaser film with audio description 

Short film shows action shots of disabled and non-disabled people playing sport, and their reactions to hearing statements about disability, inclusion and sport. This film is audio described and subtitled. 

Watch campaign teaser film with audio description

Campaign information - British Sign Language translation

This film shows the key who says? campaign information translated into British Sign Language. The film also has subtitles and an audio voiceover. 

Watch Who says? campaign film with British Sign Language translation

Who says? media transcripts

Six short films feature in the who says? campaign. For each film we have created a media transcript. this provides a running text description of the visual information, scene changes, actions, expressions and spoken dialogue.

You can access the media transcripts from the main who says? campaign page, or click on the film links below: 
It's not a real sport if you have to adapt it
Disabled people aren't competitive
Watch what you say around disabled people 
Disabled people don't want to join in
Disabled people might get hurt
Everyone can't take part together

Campaign information - easy read format

We have also provided the key campaign information in easy read format. Easy read uses pictures to support the meaning of text and gives the essential details without a lot of background information.

Download easy read who says? campaign information

If you require further support to access information about the who says? campaign, please email or call 0161 228 2868.